The conference aims to bring together scholars working in different disciplines with an interest in royal and court studies, we are particularly interested in receiving proposals that address the meaning of resilience in a historical royal context. The word resilience has become increasingly fashionable and salient in recent decades in several fields of academic research. The concept in fact has gone from being limited and specific in nature to being a more and widely encompassing construction. The title of our conference plays on the famous Latin proposition by Rene Descartes, ‘Cogito ergo Sum’ to become Resilio ergo Regno. The etymology of the word resilience came from Latin resilio– resist ,I resist so I rule.

Resilience here is understood both as an individual act to overcome adversity but also as a communal, social and relational interaction, which reveals itself in several social political forms. Expressions of resistance studies in the context of royal and court history that deal with various forms of public or private resilience are especially welcome to consider. Sources and written accounts deal with various form of resilience and resistance in various contexts would be another area to potentially explore. Resilience could be also be viewed as the ability to overcome the impact of change or negative events by a combination of resistance and adaptation by royal individuals, dynasties and/or courtiers.

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