Abstracts and full texts: The conference does not collect full texts. Only abstracts are requested. During the conference it will be discussed the convenience and dates for collecting full texts according to the publication options.

Conference programme: The programme will include the abstracts of the presentations. If changes are made, the versions of the final abstracts should be sent by

Languages of the abstracts: For the publication in the conference programme, it is recommended to include English versions of all the abstracts



Languages: All sessions will be in English.

Time: 20 minutes each speaker; it will be possible to use PowerPoint.

Registration: At least one author for each presentation should register for the conference. Co- authors who are not attending do not have the obligation to register. In any case, all the attendants to the conference should get registered, both authors and co-authors.

Cofee Breaks and Lunches: The registration includes coffee (24 in the afternoon, and 25-26 in the morning and in the afternoon, 27 in the morning). Dinners are not included in the registration. The organizers will arrange an optional farewell dinner on the 26th. According to amount of people interested, a sightseeing tour will be arranged on the 27th in the afternoon.